The indicators project aims to build on and extend prior work in the analysis of usage data from Learning Management Systems in order to:

  • Identify further opportunities for research.
  • Be used to help inform decision-making of teaching staff, management, support staff and students.

In particular, the project currently aims to fill two main gaps in the existing literature:

  1. The absence of longitudinal studies of LMS usage.
  2. The absence of cross platform and cross-institutional comparisons of LMS usage.

To achieve this, the intent is to develop an LMS independent set of usage indicators. These indicators can then be used to identify possible areas for further research around the use and design of e-learning within an LMS; and provide the basis for cross-platform and cross-institution contrasts and comparisons of LMS usage.

Additional information

Other parts of this site contain additional information about the project including:

  • blog;
    The place we announce project news and updates.
  • project outline;
    Provides a timeline, attempts at graphical representations, additional explanations and eventually some ideas of plans for the project.
  • list of participants ;
    A list of the small (but hopefully growing) number of people working on the project in various ways.
  • publications;
    The formal publications (n=6) that have been generated by the project.
  • some examples of the work; and
    Some examples of the types of “indicators” the project is developing.
  • some questions.
    The list of questions that have arisen from the project, and might hopefully be addressed at some stage in the future.

In addition, many of the project participants maintain blogs on which they reflect and formulate ideas about the project. These posts appear in the “Research blog feeds” on the right hand side of this page.

Contact us

We are always interesting in hearing from folk who have an interesting in what we are doing and also folk who would like to be involved. Please contact one of the listed project participants.


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