This page lists some examples of data extracted by the project that could be used for further research.

LMS Feature Adoption.

Malikowski et al (2007) propose a model that equally considers technical features and research into how people learn. The model looks at LMS feature adoption over time and suggests that the teacher will tend to adopt LMS features in a linear fashion starting with features associated with content transmission, moving to more complex features as their experience with the teaching medium increases (Malikowski et al., 2007).

Blackboard Feature Adoption

The figure indicates that features associated with content dissemination (announcements, files, gradebook) tend to be adopted before other features (quizzes, forums) that could be said to support higher level learning outcomes.

Malikowski, S., Thompton, M., & Theis, J. (2007). A model for research into course management systems: bridging technology and learning theory. Journal of educational computing research, 36(2)(2007), 24.

Does course design link with student engagement?

The following figure demonstrates the difference in hitcount averages for each grade, between courses designed by an instructional designer and all other courses.

Instuctional Designer Designed Courses vs Overall Average
Instuctional Designer Designed Courses vs Overall Average

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