Publications, Presentations and Achievements

The project has produced or is working on the following publications, presentations and achievements.


Jones, D., Lawson, C., Beer, C., & Jones, H. (2018). Context-Appropriate Scaffolding Assemblages: A generative learning analytics platform for end-user development and participatory design. In A. Pardo, K. Bartimote, G. Lynch, S. Buckingham Shum, R. Ferguson, A. Merceron, & X. Ochoa (Eds.), Companion Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge. Sydney, Australia: Society for Learning Analytics Research. Retrieved from 


David Jones, Hazel Jones, Colin Beer, Celeste Lawson. (2017) Implications and questions for institutional learning analytics implementation arising from teacher DIY learning analytics, To appear in the proceedings of the 2017 Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI 2017)


Colin Beere, Damien Clark, Rolley Tickner, OLT Citation For a creative and collaborative approach to the design and implementation of innovative technological resources that have positively influenced curriculum design, student learning and engagement.

Celeste Lawson, Colin Beer, Dolene Rossi, Teresa Moore, Julie Fleming, Identification of ‘at risk’ students using learning analytics: the ethical dilemmas of intervention strategies in a higher education institution. Educational Technology Research and Development 64(5): 957-968.


David Jones, Damien Clark, (2014), Breaking BAD to bridge the reality/rhetoric chasm, accepted for presentation at ASCILITE’2014 (nominated for best paper)

Colin Beer, David Jones, Rolley Tickner, (2014), Three paths for learning analytics and beyond: Moving from rhetoric to reality, accepted for presentation at ASCILITE’2014 (nominated for best paper)


David Jones, Colin Beer, Damien Clark, (2013), The IRAC framework: Locating the performance zone for learning analytics, to be presented at ASCILITE’2013

David Jones, Avoiding the learning analytics fad: Forgotten insights and example applications, Invited presentation at the Inaugural University Analytics Forum, Melbourne, 26-27 September, 2013

David Jones, Colin Beer, Moving beyond a fashion: Likely paths and pitfalls for learning analytics, Invited presentation at Blended Learning’2013, Sydney, 18-19 September, 2013


David Jones, Colin Beer (2012), Moving beyond a fashion: likely paths and pitfalls for learning analytics, Presentation at SoLAR Southern Flare Conference, Sydney, 2012.

Analytics article in DEQuarterly

Colin Beer, David Jones, Damien Clark, Analytics and complexity: Learning and leading for the future. To be presented at ASCILITE2012


DEHUB Research Grant. Learning interactions: A cross-institutional multi-disciplinary analysis of learner-learner and learner-teacher and learner-content interactions in online learning contexts.


Colin Beer & Ken Clark. The Indicators project. Presented at CQUniversity’s inaugural research expo.

Colin Beer. Academic analytics, indicators of engagement. Presented at Moodlemoot 2010, Melbourne.

Ken Clark. Suggestions for future Moodle analytics: conceptions of teaching, visibility and reflection.Presented at Moodlemoot 2010, Melbourne.

Colin Beer, Ken Clark, Indicators of engagement, Proceedings of ASCILITE’2010.

Ken Clark, Colin Beer, David Jones, Academic involvement with the LMS: An exploratory study, Proceedings of ASCILITE’2010


Col Beer, David Jones, Ken Clark The indicators project identifying effective learning: adoption, activity, grades and external factors. To appear in the Proceedings of ASCILITE’09

CQUniversity Learning and Teaching Grant. The Indicators Project: Guiding effective teaching via the LMS through benchmarking and evaluation


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